augmenting reality

Instructions for accessing the augmented reality component of the Shifting Skin works


Augmenting Reality Instructions

The augmented reality component of this work may be accessed via a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet screen with the AURASMA app.
On your mobile device browser, go to and download the Aurasma app. Alternatively, you can download Aurasma from iTunes or Googleplay.



1. aurasma-A Within the app interface, touch the Aurasma icon to open the menu.

2. aurasma-P Navigate to the search function and search for the ‘Shifting Skin’ channel.
If you ‘follow‘ the channel, your device will be receptive to the content.

3. aurasma-squ Return to the viewing window by clicking  the square brackets and point your device’s camera at the trigger image.
You will see a swirling icon as the app downloads the 3D content. You can now look around the 3D content by moving the screen across the surface of the 3d virtual object projecting out of the physical print. You will need to keep the trigger image within the view of the camera to hold onto the content.

These instructions relate to my works ‘Shifting Skin

More posts about SHIFTING SKIN here:

Microsoft Word - SS-aurasma instructions.docx SS-aurasma-instrcutions-A2


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