Tattoo scanning workshop, Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery

1pm 23 Aug 2014 Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery

Tattoo scanning workshop @ Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery 1pm Saturday 23 August 2014ABSS-scandemo

Volunteers are invited to participate in this ongoing project by having their skin markings – tattoos, scars, birthmarks –  scanned for future artworks by Alison Bennett. Alison creates her high resolution detailed images of human skin by holding a flat bed scanner directly against the body of her subjects. The process involves a collaborative choreographed series of planned moves by the subject and the artist holding the scanner in order to maneuver the scanner around the contours of the body. The process results in an uncannily flattened and detailed view of human surface.

Further information: contact Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery

ABSS-demoscan1 ABSS-demoscan2  ABSS-scandemo3

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