Tattoo Scanning Workshop

 2-4pm 25 Oct 2014, Wyndham Cultural Centre

2-4pm Saturday 25th October,
Wyndham Cultural Centre, 177 Watton St Werribee VIC 3030

Photo: Megan Evans


Photo: Megan Evans

If you are interested in getting your tattoo scanned please email
Volunteers are invited to participate in the ongoing project by having their skin markings – tattoos, scars, birthmarks – scanned for future artworks by Alison Bennett. Alison creates her high resolution detailed images of human skin by holding  a flatbed scanner directly against the body of her subjects. The process involves a collaborative choreographed series of planned moves by the subject and the artist holding the scanner on order to maneuver the scanner around the contours of the body.

‘Alison Bennett: Shifting Skin’,
Wyndham Cultural Centre,
2 September – 2 November 2014. a Deakin University Art Gallery touring Exhibition.

Wyndham Cultural Centre, 177 Watton St Werribee VIC 3030


Exhibitions 2014 - SHIFTING SKIN eflyer - 2014-8-3 (A800086)



work in progress:

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