#nfcdab wrocław biennale of digital & internet art

Bennett A 2016, six online interactive artworks, #nfcdab wrocław biennale of digital & internet art, Wroclaw, Poland, June 2016.


Orb 2015, online interactive <https://skfb.ly/IqIS>

Encased in an orb, this internal landscape is built from an image of my skin tattooed with my grandmother’s floral carpet pattern. Traverse the terrain via a touch screen by stroking and pinching the surface.



In late 2015 my old dog was deteriorating. She still wanted to go out for walks so we took slow journeys around my block. These slow walks close to my home with the ailing creature put me into a meditative state. I took photos of textures with my phone as I waited for her.

Skin Wrap 2015, online interactive <https://skfb.ly/L8GJ>

Rust Wrap 2015, online interactive <https://skfb.ly/L8JM>

Cloud Wrap 2015, online interactive <https://skfb.ly/L8PZ>

Twilight Wrap, 2016, online interactive <https://skfb.ly/O7QC>


Twilight Birds Wrap, 2016, video <https://www.instagram.com/p/BFWJK1YA7b0/?taken-by=bennettalison>


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