Blossom Spheres

Alison Bennett, ‘Blossom Sphere’ (screenshot from webXR), 2020

‘Blossom Spheres’ extends Bennett’s research into the creative and discursive potential of expanded photographic practices and spatial webXR. Rendering spring blossoms as point clouds using unconventional photogrammtery techniques, the healing structures of plant forms glow and dissolve as fields of light when approached. Bennett invites us to float through the emergent energy of springtime in a dark open field.

“These point clouds are the result of experimental research in which I have developed a pipeline for converting photogrammetry models into point clouds. It is the perfect form for rendering ferns and flowers that does service to the celestial energy of plants as beings.”

“I have been exploring the geometry of photography for several years. It is expanding from a 2D medium of isolated frames to an interconnected mesh of nodes and connections. Photogrammetry – a method for building 3D models from a set of photographs – is one expression of the expansion of the medium. WebXR is the perfect platform for these enveloping image-scapes that wrap the viewer inside the photographic image.”

Access the work via this link

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