muliebrity, 2017

Do you assume that everyone you meet is heterosexual, unless they “look queer”? In a new video work titled ‘muliebrity’ commissioned by Kingston Arts, artist Alison Bennett reflected on the identity presentation of queer women who emphasise their femininity.

“The word ‘muliebrity’ means ‘female qualities’. This 3d video work reflects on feminine identity expression by queer women. It is somewhat of a stereotype that lesbians and queer women express their gender identity in what might be considered as androgynous, masculine or butch. But there are also those that feel most authentic when they express their gender in more traditionally feminine ways. The paradox is that those women are often ‘read’ as heterosexual – so whilst their femininity is visible in the way that their identity is reflected, their queerness is invisible. The work is an encounter with a series of faces that might provoke the viewer to reflect on how they read identity presentation.”

‘muliebrity’ screened outside at night on The Bridge located at Kingston City Hall and in the Kingston Arts Centre gallery during the day. The gallery installation is anaglyph 3D, created with assistance from Megan Beckwith, and features a soundscape by Greg Penn.

Bennett, A et al 2017, ‘muliebrity: the female gaze’, 3d anaglyph video loop

Sound by Greg Penn, technical assistance by Megan Beckwith, commissioned by Kingston Arts for Midsumma Festival


Beat magazine

2017, ‘Muliebrity & other collaborations’, Beat magazine
“The exhibition features a video work that reflects on feminine identity expression by queer women that I know. […] those women are often ‘read’ as heterosexual – so while their femininity is visible, their queerness is invisible.”

Kingston Arts

Kingston Arts 2017, MIDSUMMA ‘muliebrity & other collaborations’ Alison Bennett

Joy FM

Sunday Arts Magazine, Joy FM, 15 Jan 2017

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