QueerTech.io 2018!

Themes emerging from the 2018 selection include digitally-born queer utopias, queer re-imaginings of computer game platforms, and interactive works that extend the digital as a queer prosthesis. The project features over twenty five artists engaged in making neural networks, augmented reality, computer games, interactive websites and video art.

Presented in partnership with the Midsumma Festival, QueerTech.io was IRL at:

  • Testing Grounds Artist in Residence 17-27 January
  • ACMI ART+FILM 2 February
  • RMIT ART INTERSECT 31 January – 22 March

As part of MELT 2018 Festival of Queer Art & Culture, QueerTech.io portal was at:

  • Brisbane Powerhouse 17-27 May


Take the leap into the queer digital realm from the comfort of your home with this extraordinary project that gathers digital artworks by queer identifying artists from across the globe, presented by QueerTech.io and Midsumma Festival. The project can be explored online via the QueerTech.io webportal from 12 January, or you can view the work at TESTING GROUNDS (16-23 Jan) and RMIT:ART:INTERSECT (31 Jan-22 Mar).

ACMI ART + FILM  host a free screening of selected QueerTech.io work at 6.30pm Friday 2nd February 2018 that feature a panel discussion with some of the QueerTech.io curators and artists.

QueerTech.io is an artist-run passion project by Xanthe Dobbie, Travis Cox and Alison Bennett. Members of the collective will be undertaking a residency at Testing Grounds 17-27 January where they will continue to explore the potential of #queertech artistic practices. Drop in, get involved and collaborate!

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review of QueerTech.io

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