The Age

  • Nelson, R 2006, ‘Photographers capture memories whether or not the sun shines’, The Age, 15 Nov.

“Alongside the documentary character of the work, the composited pieces of Alison Bennett stand out. She has interpreted an interior and the outside of a shack, apparently stitching together different perspectives. At first it’s disorienting, but then you realise that the photographer is rhythmically escorting your gaze through different phases to form an organic whole that you wouldn’t get with a single viewpoint. This wobbly integrity is congruent with the subject matter: old, rickety places with an episodic slant, houses that still have a lot of heart.


Bennett’s work at Hay might be compared with Walker Evans’ Bedroom from the 1930s. As at Hay, the vision looks to social consciousness: witness Evans’ Hitchhikers of 1936. The wayfarers don’t look like holiday-makers but the dispossessed.”

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