expanded photography projects, 2020 –

IMAGE: Alison Bennett & Una Rey Elands Co-op 2020 (screenshot detail)

Bennett, A 2021, [five photogrammetry point-cloud renderings of building interiors & 3D print of Bulga plateau], video projection & online interactive, 3D print

  • INSIDE ELANDS’, curated by Dr Una Rey, The Lock Up, Newcastle, 16 Apr – 30 May 2021.
  • Review by Keri Glastonbury in Artlink July 20201.

2020, ‘Bowen Street Point Cloud‘, webXR point cloud collaboration with Dr Yazid Nilsalam, commissioned by RMIT Creative Student  Life

2020, Blossom Spheres’, photogrammetry point cloud webXR

  • FastLab Biomes Performance Experiment’ curated by Dr Rewa Wright in Ars Electronica Kepler’s Garden, Austria, 9-13 September 2020
  • A Strange Space’ co-curated by Edwina Bartlem and Jacob Tolo for the Centre for Projection Art and the 2021 Midsumma Festival, Melbourne, 22-25 April 2021
IMAGE: Alison Bennett, ‘Tinning Street Experiment’ 2020 (screenshot of photogrammetry model in webXR)

2020, ‘Tinning Street Experiment‘, photogrammetry model in webXR

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